Principal's Message

Hello Questa Families, 


I am reaching out to everyone in the hopes that we can work together to keep solve some of our early morning and afternoon traffic issues.  Our drop-off and pick-up traffic has become very congested. I am reviewing different options in an effort to determine what will work best for the safety of our students, as well as, create a smooth flow of traffic for families.  Please continue to drive with caution around Questa. There will be changes to our drop-off and pick up in the next month, and I will send out further communication before-hand to detail the changes. In the meantime, please note these important safety guidelines:

  • Vehicles should not be in the red zones.  This is against the law, and it reduces visibility of pedestrians in the cross walks. 

  • The Questa drop off lane is comprised of two lanes only:  the drop off lane, and the drive-through lane. There are not three lanes in our parking lot.  The creation of a third lane has created congestion and an unsafe drop-off zone for students and families.  

  • Students should not be dropped off in the middle of the road.  Drop off should always be done at a curb.  


With a conscious effort from all, we can continue to maintain the safety of our Questa students.  

Teachers and administration took time this week to educate students on good hygiene.  Teachers showed students videos to help promote effective hand washing and how to cover coughs and sneezes.  Students practiced singing the alphabet while “washing” their hands during student of the month assemblies for all TK-5th grade students.  

Our 8th graders took part in the Choices and Consequences Assembly at Bethany Elementary.  This is a drug and alcohol prevention assembly that all LUSD 8th graders have the opportunity to experience.  

Questa students celebrated Black History Month by recognizing, honoring and learning about influential African Americans through various types of projects and activities.  

Here are some examples of great activities that took place in February by grade level:

Kindergarten - Read biographies about Martin Luther King, Jr., and Ruby Bridges, and students completed a direct draw of Martin Luther King, Jr.  They also read Sulwe by Lupita Nyongo.  

1st - Read and studied about Martin Luther King Jr. and watched a video, discussed achievements and completed timelines of Rosa Parks, Jessie Owens, Jackie Robinson, and Harriet Tubman.


2nd - Learned about a variety of influential African Americans including Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Jesse Owens, and Ruby Bridges.  Students read books about them, created timelines, and completed writing activities.  


3rd - Read about Ruby Bridges, Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks.  


4th - Read Long Walk to Water and The Watson’s go to Burlingham and watched Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech and wrote their own “I have a dream” speech.  


5th - Studied the history of African Americans during the period of the 1960’s and learned about African American historians.  They learned about Jim Crow and personal shared experiences of growth up in the South. Students created an interactive biography research project on different African American historians.  


6th - Students completed a timeline on Martin Luther King, Jr. 


7th - In ELA students compared the teachings of Gandhi to the nonviolence approach of Dr. King during the Civil Rights Movement.  In Social Studies students researched African Americans who had historical influence in a variety of fields and capacities and presented their findings to the class.  In Science students learning about George Washington Carver and his contributions.  


8th - In English Language Arts all 8th graders took part in “black out” poetry with a theme on slavery using the narrative of Frederick Douglass; they presented speeches about Harriet Tubman; and studied Martin Luther King Jr.’s achievements and “I Have A Dream” speech.  In Science they researched influential African American scientists. In Social Studies they highlighted African American contributions and their impact during the Civil War.


Questa students will have a chance to explore the solar system through a visit to our Star Lab next week.  Later in the month, all students will get to take part in the Farmers Market put on by Taylor Farms.  


Don’t forget all students will be taking Spring Pictures on Tuesday, March 10th!


Our 2nd Trimester Awards Ceremonies will take place on two different days.  


Thursday, March 12th 

Kindergarten-Third grades 8:20-8:50


Tuesday, March 24th

Fourth - Fifth Grade 8:55 a.m. - 9:45 a.m.

Sixth-Eighth Grade 2:10 p.m. - 2:55 p.m.


Please take a minute to read the “Character Counts” portion of our newsletter and the tips/ideas on how to reinforce the focus trait of the month at home.  The character trait we are focusing on for the month of March is “Perseverance.”




Heather M. Sharp


Heather M. Sharp