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Important Links

TK 2019/2020   
1   large box of Kleenex tissues  
1   package of clorox disinfecting wipes  
1   container of hand sanitizer   
10   Elmer glue sticks   
3   white Elmer glue bottles   
2   24 pack of Crayola crayons   
1   1.5 inch view binder in white (can insert a page in the binder cover)  
1   Package of 10 or more clear plastic sheet protectors   
2  paper (not plastic) pocket folders (red)  
1  package of dry erase markers, all colors for work on the white board.   
Teacher Wish List  
2  4 pack of Playdoh   
1   Pk white cardstock paper  
1   Pk multi - color construction paper  
1   Healthy snack (enough for 25 students) suggestions: granola bars, crackers, pretzels, goldfish, etc. )  
1 headphone for chromebooks (no ear buds)  
3 boxes of  24 count of CRAYOLA crayons  
20 ELMERS glue sticks  
3 boxes kleenex tissue  
1 32 oz bottle of hand sanitizer  
2 containers Clorox Wipes  
1 10 count classic CRAYOLA broad line markers (fat not skinny)  
1 12 count CRAYOLA colored pencils  
1 box gallon bags  
1 box sandwich bags  
2 pocket poly (plastic/vinyl) folder  
1 package baby wipes  
Wish list  
1 ½ “ view binder (Kiernan)  
Pencil box (Whipkey and Perez)  
Googly eyes  
Pipe cleaner  
Elmer's white glue  
Ticonderoga My 1st pencils  
Treasure box prizes  
1                      Backpack- two straps, no wheels please  
1 set               headphones (please store in large Ziploc bag with your student’s name)  
1 pk                 Ticonderoga brand pencils- regular size only, yellow preferred  
1                     Pink Pearl brand eraser  
2 bx                24 pack Crayola brand crayons  
1 pair             kid’s scissors  
8                      Small Elmer’s brand glue sticks  
1 bx                Kleenex Facial Tissue  
12                   Black Expo brand dry erase markers- fine point  
1 pk                 Baby Wipes  
 2nd Grade Supply List**Please DO NOT label supplies. All supplies are used as a community.**  
Each student needs:  
2 boxes of 24 count Ticonderoga Pencils  
2 pack of erasers  
Crayola Crayons 24 count  
Crayola Washable Markers  
Crayola Color pencils  
Fiskars student scissors  
20- Elmer’s glue sticks  
Headphones or ear buds (in freezer bag w/name on the bag)  
2- 2 plastic pocket folders  
5- 2 pocket plastic folders with brads (yellow, red, blue, purple, orange)  
12- black thin dry erase markers  
3-composition notebooks  
2- large boxes of facial tissue  
1 large bottle Hand sanitizer  
1 pack of baby wipes  
1 container Clorox wipes  
Wish list:  
Gallon size ziploc bags  
Sandwich size Ziploc bags  
Large brown paper lunch bags  
Manilla folders  
White cardstock  
Third Grade Voluntary Supply List  
Requested Items:  
3 wide-ruled, single subject spiral notebooks, about 70 sheets (assorted colors/no glitter)
1 durable pocket folder  
2 packs of #2 pencils  
pack of erasers  
1 box of 24 crayons   
1 box of colored pencils (twistables preferred)  
1 box of colored markers (8-10 markers)  
1 pair of kid’s scissors with pointed tip  
2 highlighters (yellow or orange preferred)  
6 glue sticks  
1 set of headphones  
2 boxes of tissue  
1 pack of dry-erase whiteboard markers (black only, prefer thin)  
 de la Motte/Waters/Blasing’s class only:  
1 pencil box to hold supplies  
1 pencil sharpener (with case to hold shavings)  
Optional items:  
Hand sanitizer  
1 container of baby wipes  
Tip: It is helpful to mark your name or initials on important items with a permanent marker, including your lunch boxes.
Questa 4th Grade  Voluntary Supply List  
Quantity            Student item  
1                Earbuds/Headphone  
1                Pencil Box  
3                Notebooks (1 composition/ 2 spiral)  
12 pk    or 24            Ticonderoga Pencils  
12 pk                Colored Pencils  
1 pk of 4            Dry erase markers  
2                Black Sharpies  
1                White eraser  
1 pair                Scissors  
1                Pencil sharpener (with a catcher)              
1                Clorox wipes (Extra-large container)  
2 boxes             Kleenex  
Wish List  
Clorox Wipes  
5th Grade Voluntary Supply List  
Quantity                    Student Items  
1 large            Clorox Wipes    
Pack of 5            Expo Markers (large or skinny)  
5                 Traditional Composition Notebooks  
                    (multi-color but NO glitter)  
3                Two-Pocket Folders (paper & multi-color)  
1                25pk of Pencils  
2pk                Yellow Highlighters  
1 pair             7-in Scissors  
3-4 boxes            Kleenex Facial Tissue  
1                Ruler (plastic w/inches & centimeters)  
1                Pencil Box  
1 small box        Color Pencils  
2 - Large            Hand Sanitizers  
1 set                Headphones  
1 pkg            Post It Notes (multiple color and sizes)  
1 pkg            Invisible Tape  
Teacher Wish List (for classroom use)  
Amazon Gift Card  
Visa Gift Card  
6th grade supply list  
2pk                              Pencils  
Multiple                        Erasers  
4                                  Glue Sticks  
3 Rolls                         Scotch Tape  
1-2pks                         Colored Pencils  
Multiple                        Highlighters  
1 pk                             Markers  
1                                  Personal Whiteboard  
1pk                              Expo Markers  
1pk                              Post-it notes  
1pk                              Note cards  
2 Boxes                       Kleenex  
1bx                              Band-Aids  
1 tub                            Clorox Wipes  
2 small                         Hand Sanitizer (or 1 large)  
1 bx                             zip Lock Baggies  
Wish List  
Colored Cardstock  
Colored copy paper  
White Cardstock  
Dixie/Plastic Cups  
Supply List Seventh Grade 2019-2020  
Pens (black or Blue)  
Pencils (mechanical OK)  
College Rule Binder Paper (1 package)  
4 Spiral Bound Notebooks  
Colored Pencils  
Expo Markers (All colors welcomed)  
Things that are helpful  
Back Pack                                    Eraser  
Pencil Pouch                               Tape  
Glue Sticks                                 Thin Sharpies or colored pens  
Scissors                                       Hot Glue Gun and glue  
White Out                                
Pencil Sharpener  
Teachers Wish List  
Tissue Boxes  
Chlorox Wipes  
Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer (like Purell)  
 8th Grade Supply List  
Student Items  
4 Spiral Notebooks (70-100 pages)  
1pk Graph paper  
2 Highlighters (yellow/orange preferred)  
1-2pks #2 Pencils  
1pk colored pencils  
1pk Pens (black or blue)  
1 ruler  
1 ear-buds/headphones**** (Very important)  
1pk 3x5 index cards  
1 white out/correction tape  
Expo Markers  
Teacher’s wish list:  
Item Quantity
Kleenex 2 boxes
invisible tape/duct tape 3 rolls
glue sticks 3-4 tubes
disinfecting wipes 1 large tub
Expo markers 2 pks.