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Mrs. Healy's 7th Grade

Here is our Week at a Glance for September 21- September 25:
Monday, September 25th:
  • Class will begin promptly at 8:00am.
  • Please see the class schedule posted to Canvas.
Tuesday, September 26th:
  • PE via zoom 
  • Our PE zoom class is every Tuesday from 1:40-2:10
  • Information will be sent for PE google classroom and zoom link
Friday September 28th:
  • Progress reports will go home via email to parents and students
Please check Canvas every morning for the days assignments. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!
These are Enrichment Resources for students by subject
These are "How To" resources for parents and students to access
Please use this link for the Technology Department 
7th Grade Math: Students will use graphs and tables in order to analyze and identify proportional and nonproportional data.
ELA: Students will analyze theme and myth. Students will identify the themes of the myths presented in The Flight of Icarus and Arachne. Students will construct responses explaining how these themes are presented throughout these myths. 
Science: Students will explore how natural disasters effect ecosystems. Students will begin exploring how ecosystems survive and students will begin to analyze the fragile balance that holds ecosystems together.
Social Studies: Students will compare the Byzantine Empire to the Roman Empire. Students will discuss which cultural aspects and traditions are the same in both empires.