Clotee Allochuku » Mrs. Allochuku 5th Grade (2020-2021)

Mrs. Allochuku 5th Grade (2020-2021)

Greetings Questa Family,

My name is Mrs. Allochuku and I am so excited to be your teacher for this school year. I was born and raised in my hometown of Jacksonville, Florida where I taught in the Duval County School District. Our family moved here to Tracy three years ago from Los Angeles, where I taught Gifted and Talented students. My experience in education and my love of teaching and learning has been a source of satisfaction and tremendous happiness. I am eager to begin a sensational school year with all of you.

Essential Question- Why do laws continue to evolve?
Student Objectives
I will be able to:
  1. Share my prior knowledge about the Essential Question.
  2. Generate questions and ideas with my peers.
  3. Listen to and build on the ideas of my peers.
  4. Draw conclusions based on knowledge gained in discussions.
During Collaborative Conversations I will:
  • stay on topic throughout the discussion.
  • listen respectfully
  • build on the comments of others appropriately
  • pose or respond to questions to clarify information
  • support my partner to participate